Task 19-Kristin

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2009 at 2:05 pm

This task asked us to get outside, and specifically to go to Sheepshead park in Central Park. I didn’t get a chance to head up there. But I did do some amazing Manhattan/Brooklyn adventuring. I went to Governor’s Island for the first time. I am totally going to keep doing this whenever I want to spend the afternoon reading. Its so amazing to take a little ferry ride for FREE.
On the way back I explored the Seaport and waited in vain, and in the rain, to see Les Savy Faires and Kid Cudi play a set. Ate some crab soup waiting out the storm. But all was worth it after biking back across the Brooklyn Bridge. The skies parted and the most gorgeous and surreal sunset happened. I was biking against a glowing amber towards Prospect Park to see Blonde Redhead. Its sortof a nice coincidence the sky and the reference to the bands name. Anyways, was a great show, and had the company of an old friend from Toronto with me. A perfectly amazing day.


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