Task #3: Jean Ann

In Uncategorized on June 11, 2009 at 5:52 pm

“I walk slowly and take notice of the architecture.”

When I work late (as I did this day) and have a lot on my mind (which also applies here), I take a long walk to get to the subway (no transfers, yippie!). I usually walk like a New Yorker (i.e. fast) but keeping in mind the task of the day, I walked like I used to walk when I was a Southerner (i.e., slow – or as slow as I can muster these days – which is not quite New Orleans slow).

Working in SoHo, I can get tired of the crowds, the tourists, the former art spaces that now sell expensive clothing that I will never be able to afford (or even if I could afford it, that I would never spend the money on). But on a weekday night, the streets damp from rains during the day, I fall a little back in love with the city, feeling like a character in a film noir movie – billowing steam from subway grates wafting around the corner of old warehouse buildings. I am a dame with finger curls and red lipstick. I have a secret no one knows, but everyone is dying to find out.

Places can transport you. I allowed myself to be transported for a short while last night. When I got to the subway, all of my problems were right there in the pocket of my brain where I had left them momentarily, but I like to think they enjoyed the little vacation from my nagging as much as I enjoyed the reprieve from them.


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