Day 6: TTTWWW Begins!

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2009 at 8:53 pm

So our task today was very sweet. It called for us to appreciate those around us by telling them how much we care. It also suggested we focus on meaningful connections with these people.

While I didnt get a chance to  contact family members. I felt at home in our last day at the Welcome Center. It was of course bittersweet. The place has been thoroughly worked in and remnants of last nights ceremony were visible throughout the space. It felt like our task there was done.

In celebration of this last day we placed cakes outside the front door and offered the first daily task on the sandwich board. During these last conversations with the inadvertent community up on 37 street I had our task in mind. The cakes were a physical representations of our thanks and appreciation for the experiences we’ve had all week. Definitely communicating this project, and the subsequent dialogues with folks in the hood have been the best part of it. So I feel that our first message in this next cycle allowed me to say goodbye to our time in the Chashama window space. thanks.


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