Day 1 Highlights

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2009 at 12:16 pm

Even chalking up the sidewalk turned out to be a craft moment, although I think fixing tea for passers by as they poked their heads in was the highlight of my day.   We handed over scavenger hunt tasks and fielded questions like: “What is this? What’s going on in here?”  (. . . as they gestured to our glorious welcome center.)  During the ‘listening to sound’ workshop I heard the city vibrating a deep and fast pulse — it seemed that Manhattan had made a little bit of room for us, even though we were not driving trucks or selling things. people. .0603091245

  1. Yes highlights for me were the interactions around the scavenger hunt. The one guy who came back and had been thinking about what it meant, this weird game. I guess he never played the game before. My friend josh stopped by from montreal and contributed a task. Telling people about the journals was fun especially when you are asked for a hug.
    Tragedy struck mid day tho in the second trip to the village 38 washrooms. My poor iPhone smashed on the floor and is in intensive care. A thin web of glass shards gives it’s face some character now.

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