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end of round 2

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So its the first day sans message. It was really interesting to be able to do this again for other people. Definitely some of the messages this round felt different than when our first time. I was right inside them before, and this time it really was for others. But I still let them impact me. I’d see little things or i’d find an opportunity right in front of me that would connect to the message either directly or indirectly. It was fun having things pop up that were indirect. Little messages saying, betcha didnt see it this way?

I think I’ll post a few more things here in the coming days as sort of a wrap up to this process. Consider some things that happened and get a summary of the whole thing more solidified.


The Hanged Man

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The Hanged Man
Letting go

Letting go: Having an emotional release
Accepting what is
Surrendering to experience
Ending the struggle
Being vulnerable and open
Giving up control
Accepting God’s will

Reversing: Turning the world around
Changing your mind
Overturning old priorities
Seeing from a new angle
Upending the old order
Doing an about face

Suspending: Action
Pausing to reflect
Feeling outside of time
Taking time to just be
Giving up urgency
Living in the moment
Waiting for the best opportunity

Sacrificing: being a martyr
Renouncing a claim
Putting self interest aside
Going one step back to go two steps forward
Giving up for a higher cause
Putting others first

Opposing cards:
Seven of Wands-defiance, struggling against
Ten of Wands-Struggle
Four of Pentacles- holding on, control

Reinforcing Cards:
Fool-faith in what is, going with the flow
High priestess-suspending activity, waiting
Strength-patience, taking time
Four of Swords-rest, suspended activity
Ten of Swords-sacrifice, martyrdom

The Hanged Man is one of the most mysterious cards in the tarot deck. It is simple, but complex. It attracts, but also disturbs. It contradics itself countless ways. The Hanged Man is unsettling because it symbolizes the action of paradox in our lives. A paradox is something that appears contradictory, and yet is true. The Hanged Man presents to us certain truths, but they are hidden in their opposites.
The main lesson of the Hanged Man is that we “control” by letting go-we “win” by surrendering. The figure on Card 12 has made the ultimate surrender-to die on the cross of his own travails-yet he shines with the glory of divine understanding. He has sacrificed himself, but he emerges the victor. The Hanged Man also tells us that we can “move forward” by standing still. By suspending time, we can have all the time in the world.
In readings, the Hanged Man reminds us that the best approach to a problem is not always the most obvious. When we most want to force our will on someone, that is when we should release. When we most want to have our own way, that is when we should sacrifice. When we most want to act, that is when we should wait. The irony is that by making these contradictory moves, we find what we are looking for.

Task 19-Kristin

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This task asked us to get outside, and specifically to go to Sheepshead park in Central Park. I didn’t get a chance to head up there. But I did do some amazing Manhattan/Brooklyn adventuring. I went to Governor’s Island for the first time. I am totally going to keep doing this whenever I want to spend the afternoon reading. Its so amazing to take a little ferry ride for FREE.
On the way back I explored the Seaport and waited in vain, and in the rain, to see Les Savy Faires and Kid Cudi play a set. Ate some crab soup waiting out the storm. But all was worth it after biking back across the Brooklyn Bridge. The skies parted and the most gorgeous and surreal sunset happened. I was biking against a glowing amber towards Prospect Park to see Blonde Redhead. Its sortof a nice coincidence the sky and the reference to the bands name. Anyways, was a great show, and had the company of an old friend from Toronto with me. A perfectly amazing day.

Last Weekend

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Rebirth is happening. I can’t wait. Things are gonna be alright!

Task #11

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make a mix CD.
I sent some tracks to a friend for mastering input. Sharing this was just as good as making him a CD.

TASK #10-Kristin

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Planning a trip. This was a multi part message. First is the planning, then is the trip taking. If you can do it all in one day you get points!
I definitely did the thinking about planning. Maybe thats as good as gone. As much as I love this city. Seeing it with new eyes is mandatory. A friend recently returned from a necessary city get away and is feeling so much better. So much more excited.
In these financially burdensome times, its hard to say what a good substitute is. I imagine being on a beach, or breathing in a forrest far away. Getting my head away from the fumes of bike driving down Myrtle. Thinking too much about the future. Contemplating what I “need” to do today. All of these things are making me lose perspective on whats important, and a trip might help reset these bad habits.
Any feedback on substitutes would be great! Does anyone want to take a trip away in the city?

Task #9 Emily

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For today’s task: “Listen to music and dance crazy” I had to wait until the right moment. I couldn’t dance crazy right after waking up since I was too groggy. I couldn’t dance crazy right after eating because my stomach would be upset.

At 1pm, I felt ready. I knew the moment had come. I turned on some dance music. . . and danced like crazy of course! freedom– and what was the other thing? anticipation I suppose. I was anticipating the rest of my day I think. hmm interesting.


Task #6 Emily

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Today’s task:

1. Wake up
2. Think of the one that got away.
3. Exercise horizontally and vertically.
4. Think of the one that got away.
5. Bless the one that got away.

With this task I found myself shifting my perspective on a past romance, seeing an old flame as profoundly human. I relished his quirks, I felt a deep kindness towards him, and then I blessed him, letting the blessing float up like a feather. Flashes of imagery, a face, a feeling flowed by. This task brought about a surreal feeling, a dreamy quality.

My horizontal and vertical exercise I checked of during my extensive bicycle riding today, which had me feeling grounded and happy as a took a tour through my thoughts.


Task #3: Jean Ann

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“I walk slowly and take notice of the architecture.”

When I work late (as I did this day) and have a lot on my mind (which also applies here), I take a long walk to get to the subway (no transfers, yippie!). I usually walk like a New Yorker (i.e. fast) but keeping in mind the task of the day, I walked like I used to walk when I was a Southerner (i.e., slow – or as slow as I can muster these days – which is not quite New Orleans slow).

Working in SoHo, I can get tired of the crowds, the tourists, the former art spaces that now sell expensive clothing that I will never be able to afford (or even if I could afford it, that I would never spend the money on). But on a weekday night, the streets damp from rains during the day, I fall a little back in love with the city, feeling like a character in a film noir movie – billowing steam from subway grates wafting around the corner of old warehouse buildings. I am a dame with finger curls and red lipstick. I have a secret no one knows, but everyone is dying to find out.

Places can transport you. I allowed myself to be transported for a short while last night. When I got to the subway, all of my problems were right there in the pocket of my brain where I had left them momentarily, but I like to think they enjoyed the little vacation from my nagging as much as I enjoyed the reprieve from them.

Task #3-Kristin

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Walk slowly and notice the architecture.
I was inside most of the day yesterday. Reading and appreciating the architecture I was in. And then I biked down to school needing a bit of fresh air. I actually craved a bit of time just to wander around. I was in a bit of a down mood after all the heavy reading. But I didn’t really get the walk and noticing of architecture that I should have.
bad me.