THINK THINK THINK WHY WHY WHY applies the zesty and strengthening spirit of do-it-yourself to a new frontier: spirituality and religion. The Founding Members have precisely designed an easy-to-use structure, into which participants insert thought-provoking tasks and personal charm, which has formed a spiritual community without the usual traditions of religion. 266 West 37th St was the site of their first welcome center, from June 3-8, 2009, which hosted multiple events and workshops.


At the Welcome Center, all who passed through the doors were asked to submit a spiritual task into our lottery – something that was already part of their personal practice, or something they would make a part of their religion if they were to create one of their own. We also had complimentary tea and pastries on hand at all times.

drawing out the tasks

drawing out the tasks

28 tasks were selected by the Founding Members, during a random drawing. During the lunar cycle June 8-July 5, 2009, participants will receive the daily tasks via email, as well as be able to access them on our site.

During this month, complete the tasks, journal, connect back with us and tell us about your experiences.

If you would like to sign up for the daily emails, please contact us: thinkthinkthinkwhywhywhy[at]

The Welcome Center was made possible by chashama.

  1. Hi all,

    Your card was past on to me after Feast. It was suggested you might be interested in an event I am co-hosting on the 13th on the theme of Sanctuary.

    Goodmeet @ SALT:

    Check it out.

    Note there is a pay-what-you-can ticket for artists if you need it.


    • Yeah, looks like your event is focused on similar issues. Thats great! We hope to see you soon. Check us out at the Chashama window space this week, June 3-8 266 West 37th Street, we will be offering a series of workshops daily, a party this Thursday, and the inauguration of the new cycle of participants on the Sunday.Details up soon.

  2. Today’s is cosmic. I will actually see my old camp boyfriend today at a reunion–but I’ll also see old friends who I lost touch with over the years. Another level on which to interpret this task. Thank you for doing this.

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